Landscape Irrigation and Its Environmental Aspects

Why Installing a Programmed Lawn Sprinkler Is a Good Idea?

lawn sprinklerWatering a back yard may not seem that costly but, in fact, an average homeowner uses ? of their water on lawn irrigation during the summer season when the high temperatures lead to a higher percentage of evaporation. Turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth is a good way to start saving water, but it will definitely not compensate for the water consumption of your irrigation system. What will help much more is a controlled lawn sprinkler.

If your sprinkler is programmed to work only when it is necessary but not at the same time every day, like most systems are, you can save a lot. In just one season, a controllable sprinkler can save you approximately about 25,000 gallons of water or nearly $100. For that amount, you can take your family to the movies or buy tickets for a game they want to see.

Unfortunately, the consumption of residential water used for irrigation doubled over the past 10 years. This is a potential environmental hazard which we need to think about more often. Wasting water like that may be considered a crime in 20 years from now, if this tendency continues.

There are several lawn sprinkler systems which Above & Beyond Lawn Maintenance LLC of Augusta, GA can install in your yard in order to help you save your household water supplies:

  • water-efficient sprinklers and nozzles
  • drip irrigation
  • smart controllers

Call us at (706) 495-6291, and a specialist from our team will come to your property to evaluate which type of lawn irrigation solution will be ideal for your yard! We will be glad to help you save water!