What is Lawn Maintenance and When do You Know You Need It

Learn Which are the Basic Types of Lawn Maintenance

Plenty of landscaping and tree care services are encompassed under the term lawn maintenance. In order to throw some light on the subject Above & Beyond Lawn Maintenance LLC, of Augusta, GA, has decided to make a brief overview on the most common lawn improvement services, you can take advantage of:

Ride-on lawn mower cutting grass– Grass seeding and moving – It depends on the average temperatures in your neighborhood, your aesthetic preferences, and, of course, the landscaping budget you have both initially and on an ongoing basis. The most popular types of grass lawn owners prefer are: Kentucky Bluegrass. Ryegrass, St. Augustine, Bermuda and Buffalo.

– Lawn fertilization – Even lawns with low maintenance needs will require this service. During this procedure nutrients are added to the soil under your plants, in order to keep them in top shape. The type of grass and soil makeup in your area will determine whether your landscaper will need to apply chemical or non-chemical fertilizers.

– Pest control with natural products – Applying non-toxic pesticides before a pest problem appears is a recommended approach towards protecting your garden from “intruders”. This can be a bit more expensive but is worth the investment if your neighbors already have pest issues.

– Aeration – This is the process of pulling cores of soil and grass from a lawn and depositing them on the surface. A special machine which pushes hollow cylinders into the ground is needed for this service, so you will definitely need the help of a lawn maintenance specialist for this one. Think of doing this at least once per year, ideally during the fall.

– Planting of garden shrubs and flowers – You will need seeds, sod, sprigs, or plugs, as well as a lot of patience to conduct this service. Inexperienced DIY gardeners are even sometimes unsuccessful when they try it for the first time.

If you want to make sure you will do it right, you better consult an expert landscaper beforehand. This will keep you on the safe side. If you are looking for a local contractor to help you with the actual job, don’t hesitate to call us! We promise to deliver only first class lawn maintenance services to you!